The Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association (TSA) is a registered non-profit educational organization founded in 1971.  TSA business is carried out by a director under the supervision of an executive committee composed of sheriffs from across the state.


The TSA’s purpose is to promote better and more effective law enforcement; maintain a high level of ethical conduct on the part of all sheriffs, their deputies, and their jail administrators; provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience among all sheriffs; establish the highest degree of cooperation among the law-enforcing agencies in the State of Tennessee; bring the sheriffs of the various counties into close association and to promote cooperation in the conduct of the laws of Tennessee pertaining to the apprehension and prosecution of persons violating the laws of Tennessee; improve and encourage greater efficiency in the administration of sheriffs’ offices and to protect the welfare and interest of the members of the association.

The TSA is not organized for financial gain or profit but for the benefit of all law abiding citizens of Tennessee. Money derived from honorary membership dues and donations is used to fulfill the above obligations; provide in-service training on a bi-monthly basis for sheriffs, chief deputies, and jail administrators; provide a legislative liaison service for improving laws that protect the citizenry; disseminate educational information and material beneficial to sheriffs; operate a central office and assist in further upgrading and professionalizing county law enforcement.



As mentioned above, the association’s operating budget is based on membership dues and donations. The more we have, the more good we can do. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution, please phone or e-mail us.


Our Promise to Our Members…
TSA does NOT telemarket.  If someone calls you claiming to represent us please hang up!  We NEVER solicit money over the phone.



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