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A Note from our Executive Director

It is an Honor to serve as the Executive Director of the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association.  The problems that Sheriffs have faced this year are unbelievable.  Tennessee Sheriffs are strong and are able to deal with and work through many complex issues.  I’m most proud when we pull together not only for the counties we serve but for all our counties.  This year we have dealt with some terrible tragedies as once again, we have had officers across the state killed in the line of duty.  Our Sheriffs stood shoulder to shoulder with those departments, counties and families to provide financial and moral support. Tennessee Sheriffs have a commitment to God and their character and it shows through during the hardest of times.

The world has changed over the last few years but our commitment to provide safe and secure communities in our counties and state has not changed as sheriffs continue to provide more SRO’s to protect our children in our schools and deal with the everyday pressure. Sheriffs continue to commit to our training with the Best in the country. The Rank and File men and women who serve in Law Enforcement today face many challenges, but we have never put a more qualified officer in the field as we have serving today.  As the Executive Director, I’m proudest when I see officers working for Sheriffs saving lives and property of other Tennesseans.

The Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association values our relationships with all our working partners across the state and its many Law Enforcement agencies.  Together, those who wear the badge and put their lives on the line everyday are heroes, plain and simple. They have written a blank check to give up their lives for the safety of the community in which they serve.

Your support as associate members has given us the tools to continue to educate, train and support the efforts of every county sheriff’s office in Tennessee.  I want to personally thank you for your support in helping keep Tennessee safe.

God Bless

Sheriff Terry Ashe, Ret., 

Sheriff Terry Ashe, (Ret.) Bio

Message from our President

Words cannot express what it means to be elected President of The Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association this year.  To me it was especially an honor because not only was I elected by my colleagues across the state but also by several retiring sheriffs which I have held the utmost respect and admiration throughout my career.

As president of one of the most outstanding sheriff’s association in the United States, I feel it is the duty of all members to present the highest level of honesty and integrity when law enforcement is under the most critical scrutiny of current times.   Along with the TSA Staff and Board of Directors, I hope to do my part, as our past Presidents have, and continue to move forward with all of the great programs already in place.

We will continue to further educate our sheriffs and their staff through training enabling our officers on the road to protect the citizens we represent.  We will continue to work with our legislators in order to pass laws that help the average citizens and fight against those that will have a negative impact on our State.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow Sheriffs, their Employees and the Citizens of our Great State of Tennessee for the support you have shown towards law enforcement and our Association.

Sheriff Murray Blackwelder, Lincoln County



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