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A Note from our Executive Director

It is an honor and privilege to serve as the Executive Director of the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association. I serve the most dedicated group of executive level law enforcement officials in the country. The Office of Sheriff is provided for in Tennessee’s former and current constitution. Tennessee Sheriffs are honorable elected officials exhibiting strength while working through many complex issues during a four-year term. Sheriffs must meet certain specific qualifications set forth within the Tennessee Code Annotated. Many state and federal laws affect sheriffs and often change within various areas of service.

Sheriffs also deal with terrible tragedies within respective agencies and unfortunately law enforcement officers across the state are killed in the line of duty. Our Sheriffs continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with each of those departments, counties, public safety agencies and families to provide financial and moral support. Tennessee Sheriffs have a commitment to God and country, as it shows during the hardest of times when we support one another and the greatest of triumphs when good prevails over evil.

The world continues to change over the years but our commitment to provide safe and secure communities within the 95 counties across the state never wavers. Sheriffs continue to provide more SROs to protect our children in our schools and provide a greater presence in our neighborhoods with community policing projects. Sheriffs continue their commitment to provide professional specialized training for employees from the best trainers in the country. We have more qualified officers in the field as a result now working within other areas of public safety. I am so very proud to see them interacting with citizens on behalf of the Tennessee Sheriffs in saving lives and the properties of Tennesseans, both young and old. They also work extremely hard in helping victims of crime deal with an ever-changing criminal justice system.

The Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association values our long-standing relationships with numerous working partners across the state and country. Those who wear the badge and put their lives on the line every single day are more than public servants. They are our heroes plain and simple. They’ve literally written each community a blank check of sorts in choosing a career devoted to service while offering up their lives for the safety and good of the respective communities in which they serve.

Your associate memberships allow our staff to utilize the necessary public safety resources and continue to professionally educate, provide specialized training and support the efforts of every county sheriff’s office in Tennessee.

God Bless each of you and thank you for your loyal support in helping keep Tennesseans safe

Sheriff Beth Ashe, Ret., 

Message from our President

Being elected by my peers to represent all Sheriffs across our great state is an incredible honor. I have been in law enforcement for over twenty years and the last seven of those have been as Sheriff of Montgomery County. These last seven years have given me the privilege of working alongside of the most dedicated, hardworking, determined, and devoted law enforcement professionals that our state has to offer: our Tennessee Sheriffs. I know without a doubt that this exposure has made me a better Sheriff for the citizens of my county.

Since 1971, the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association has been the hub for the Sheriffs of our state to gain invaluable knowledge that has and will continue to help them be the Chief Law Enforcement Officer that their respective communities deserve. This Association is where Sheriffs, their Chief Deputies, Jail Administrators, and other staff members come together for training, networking, and to work through some of the most dynamic and complex public safety issues that face the office of Sheriff and our state. With varying levels of experience and expertise, our Sheriffs and this Association are a public safety force to be reckoned with.


Over the next year, it will be our goal to continue the long-standing tradition of building the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association into an even greater resource for all of the Sheriffs of our state. This starts by keeping clear and open lines of communication between our Association and all 95 Tennessee Sheriffs’ that it serves, and it ends in carrying out the common and unified goals that protect the public safety interests of the citizens that we serve.

Our Association is a very strong political force in Nashville, and across our state and country. When the General Assembly convenes in January, it will be our top priority again to continue the fight against bad legislation, while promoting common sense legislation that will make our communities safer for our citizens. I acknowledge that this is not something I can do alone. However, just as our motto states, “Alone we are strong, 95 Sheriffs together, we are stronger.”

I appreciate the vote of trust and confidence that Tennessee Sheriffs have given me. It is an honor to serve beside each of you every day. As TSA President, I look forward to continuing to work beside each of you as we face these challenges, and the new challenges that will come.


John S. Fuson, Montgomery County Sheriff





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