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Message from our Legislative Committee Chairman

Sheriff Jeff Long - Legislative & SRO Chairman

Sheriff Jeff Long
Williamson County

The Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association was very active in the past legislature in promoting legislation to keep Tennesseans safe. Approximately 200 bills were under constant review. Also, the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association was a participating member of the Tennessee Public Safety Coalition to represent Sheriffs, along with the Tennessee Chiefs of Police Association, and the Tennessee District Attorney General Conference.

Several important pieces of legislation were enacted into law.
Among them was Public Chapter 977 SB 579 – HB 8 Invasion of Privacy and Sex Offender Registry, which makes unlawful the observation without consent when the victim is under the age of 13 years old a Class E felony, and a Class D felony the unlawful photographing, dissemination, or permits the dissemination of the photograph of a child under 13 years of age. The law was also amended to allow the offender to be placed on the sex offender registry for these offenses.

Governor Bill Haslam presented legislation to limit the amount of pseudoephedrine a person may purchase and to establish a real-time tracking system of purchases to fight the methamphetamine epidemic across the state.

Also, legislation was passed to allow for prosecution of defendants who have children in a residence while methamphetamine is being manufactured.

In the fight against abuse of prescription medication, a new law allows access to the controlled substances database housed by the Board of Pharmacy to certain approved law enforcement officers with several safeguards to protect privacy of the individuals.

We want to thank the many honorary members across Tennessee who talked to their Legislators and helped us pass these types of legislation and for your continued support of the TSA.

Sheriff Jeff Long, Williamson County




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